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Sting A thousand years498
Sting After The Rain Has Fallen473
Sting Another day451
Sting Be still my beating heart462
Sting Bring On The Night457
Sting Children's crusade463
Sting Consider me gone479
Sting Demolition man468
Sting Down so long453
Sting Driven to tears458
Sting Englishman in New York501
Sting Fotress around Your heart497
Sting Fragile493
Sting Fragile(Portuguese)526
Sting History will teach us nothing463
Sting I burn for You468
Sting I'll be missing You481
Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free443
Sting It's probably me495
Sting It's probably me - tekst polski746
Sting Lazarus Heart443
Sting Little wing520
Sting Love is the seventh wave454
Sting Low life453
Sting Mariposa Libre475
Sting Moon over Bourbon Street462
Sting One world(Not three)476
Sting Rock steady502
Sting Russians464
Sting Shadows in the rain454
Sting Shape of my heart474
Sting Si estamos juntos513
Sting Sister moon524
Sting Straight to my heart498
Sting Tea in the Sahara449
Sting The secret marriage468
Sting They dance alone480
Sting We Work The Black Seam469
Sting We'll be together474
Sting When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around451
Sting When we dance502