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A-HAA fine blue line557
A-HAA little bit519
A-HAAfternoon high515
A-HAAnd You tell me546
A-HAAngel in the snow546
A-HABarely hanging on525
A-HABetween Your Mama and Yourself522
A-HACannot hide509
A-HACold as stone521
A-HACold river498
A-HACosy prisons511
A-HACry wolf508
A-HACrying in the rain517
A-HADark is the night for all514
A-HADid anyone approach You500
A-HADon't do me any favours513
A-HAEarly morning520
A-HAEast of the sun496
A-HAForever not Yours529
A-HAHalfway trough the tour520
A-HAHeaven's not for saints494
A-HAHere I stand and face the rain494
A-HAHow sweet it was524
A-HAHunting high and low521
A-HAHurry home525
A-HAI call Your name511
A-HAI dream myself alive495
A-HAI wish I cared532
A-HAI won't forget Her505
A-HAI've been losing You530
A-HAKeeper of the flame504
A-HALamb to the slaughter518
A-HALess than pure545
A-HALie down in darkness549
A-HALittle black heart503
A-HALiving a boy's adventure team497
A-HALove is reason499
A-HAMake it soon521
A-HAManhattan skyline511
A-HAMary Ellen makes the moment count519
A-HAMaybe maybe514
A-HAMemorial beach520
A-HAMinor earth/Major sky513
A-HAMove to Memphis508
A-HANonstop July507
A-HAOranges on apple trees509
A-HAOut of blue comes green522
A-HAOver the treetops486
A-HARolling thunder488
A-HAScoundrel days508
A-HAShapes that go together512
A-HASlender frame508
A-HASoft rains of april522
A-HAStay on these roads510
A-HASummer moved on499
A-HASummers of our youth489
A-HASycamore Leaves502
A-HATake on me511
A-HAThe blood that moves the body502
A-HAThe blue sky492
A-HAThe Company man509
A-HAThe living daylights503
A-HAThe sun always shine on TV493
A-HAThe sun never shine that day715
A-HAThe swing of things499
A-HAThe way we talk542
A-HAThe weight of the wind515
A-HAThere's a reason for it516
A-HAThere's never a forever thing536
A-HAThis alone is love522
A-HAThought that it was you507
A-HATime and again516
A-HATo let You win491
A-HATrain of thought504
A-HATurn the ligths down496
A-HAWaiting for Her501
A-HAWe're looking for the whales503
A-HAWhite canvas530
A-HAWhite dwarf527
A-HAX-mas Time (Blows My Mind)507
A-HAYou are the One496
A-HAYou wanted more509
A-HAYou'll end up crying486
A-HAYou'll never get over me499