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song info
Wykonawca:   N'Synctytu: I'll be good for You
album:  rok:autor tekstu: 

Ooh, ooh, ooh
You know I'll be good for you, baby
Oh, oh

I'll be good for you
I ain't gonna take my love away
And I will love you more, girl, ev'ry day
I'll be good for you
My baby girl, it's plain to see
That our love was meant to be

I know you're heart's anticipatin'
And my love is on the line
Well, don't you worry; I won't keep you waitin'
'Cause I ain't never seen a lady so fine, yeah

I know you want me, too
It's in your eyes; they say you do
They're tellin' me you'll open your heart to me, yeah
'Cause, if you want me to
I'll sacrifice my world for you
And show you the way love's supposed to be, yeah

(Repeat chorus)

Now, I know you think I must be fakin'
I've promised all these things right from the start
So don't you rush into decision makin'
'Cause I just wrote this song to tell you my heart, ooh, ooh

I wanna be with you
And, girl, there's nothing I won't do
To make you see that this is where you should be
'Cause, baby, we can do
Anything you wanna do
Girl, I wanna be a part of your fantasy

(Repeat chorus)

Ooh, ooh, yeah
You know I'll be good for you, baby

I can be good for you
Tell me what you want to do
Baby girl, it's plain to see
That our love was meant to be

(Repeat chorus)

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